Friendly Friday GOKI Readers, just in case you thought I forgot about today's tip, I didn't, although I am running much later than expected. With that said here's today's tip.

April 1, 2011 Brain Boost Tip Of The Day


According to Dr. Frank Lawlis in The IQ Answer, an idle brain loses brainpower. "It (your brain) begins to lose the dendrite connections with major centers, and receptor sites fall away , blocking the passage of neuron transmissions... Just as physical exercise generates strength in various parts of the body, mental exercise builds strength in various parts of the brain. Individual mental exercises generally affect the three areas of the front (executive region), temporal (memory), and occipital lobes (visual imagery) ." Lawlis recommends bridge, chess, poker, bingo, and charades. He also recommends games favored by Menasa, an organization of brainiacs (those who rank in the top 2 percent when it comes to IQ), such as Brainstrain, Cityscape, Cube Checkers, Doubles Wild, Finish Lines, and many more that can be found in the American Mensa Library.

As Always , To Your Health!

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