Mindful Monday GOKI Readers, here we are back at the start of a new work week and my continuing mission to share with you a health tip a day (ok, so it's actually six a week, since one tip is  actually good for both Saturday and Sunday).

April 11, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


There are two herbs that make good substitutes for aspirin: vervain and white willow bark. In fact, aspirin was originally created from white willow bark and meadowsweet; meadowsweet's Latin name Spirea provided the spirin in aspirin. Chemically, vervain is different from aspirin, white willow bark contains aspirin-like compounds. However, they do not upset the stomach. Both herbs are useful to relieve pain and inflammation.

Caution: They should be taken in standard doses as advised by the manufacturer and shoul not be used by pregnant women.

P.S.  Here is an excellent video about herbal remedies for pain and inflammation. Only drawback, the audio is not the best.   

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