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April 16 & 17, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


The research on green tea and green tea extract is extensive-and impressive. Here are some findings thus far:

* Countries that have a high consumptionof green tea had lower rates of cancer.
* Green Tea can block the development of angiogenesis-the new blood vessels needed by tumors in order for their cells to colonize and grow. Animal studies showed that the consumption of two or three cups of green tea daily was sufficient to significantly suppress tumor growth.
* Smokers who drink green tea-about 3 cups daily-had less occurrence of lung damage than those who do not.
* Green tea extract can inhibit bacteria that cause periodontal disease and cavities; as a mouth rinse, it can reduce plaque.

On a personal note, I have been both a green tea drinker (afternoon tea, a custom my family has had for all my life, plus very much a cultural tradition from my native homeland of Argentina, though as is the norm-the British will take credit for bringing this custom to Argentina decades ago) and take green tea extract capsules (twice a day, breakfast and dinner). As a firm believer in natural medicine, I have taken green tea primarily for its medicinal purposes, and to boost my immune system, especially throughout this last winter season, which was so difficult this year.

As Always, To Your Health!  

P.S.  Check out this video about green tea and its' benefits.
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