Wise Wednesday GOKI Readers, well here we are at the middle of the work week, so affectionately called "hump-day", as well as the middle of "Holy Week", which actually started this past Sunday, for all my readers who are Christians, with Palm Sunday, and today for those of you who are Jewish, with Passover.
My question is: Are you doing anything special for this Religious Holiday?
As the remainder of this week goes on, and as we all know, today's lives are generally filled with so many other obligations, that often time, what was always referred to as Holy Days of Obligation, and one was always expected to attend the services that corresponded with the Holiday, now is becoming increasingly more difficult to follow.
The sad fact is also, with more churches have closed down, whether due to lower attendance, financial hardship (due to smaller donations), or a general lack of faith, it is not clear this year, moreso than previous years how many believers will be attending church services this week.
I  apologize to my readers for this off-topic comment, but I believe that I needed to at least give a nod to what for many folks is an important part of their lives, the ability to profess their faith(s), especially this week.

April 20, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


Loaded with cancer fighting antioxidants, kale is, literally, one of the healthiest foods in the vegetable kingdom. Together with its cousin, broccoli, kale offers strong protection against cancer and other diseases, Kale and other Brassica vegetables contain a potent glucosinolate phytonutrient, which actually boosts your body's detoxification enzymes clearing potentially carcinogenic substances more quickly from your body. More common members of the prestigious Brassica family of vegetables include: cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collards, mustard greens, rapini, bok choy, and broccoli rabe. With so many choices, take advantage of having one variety each day of the week.   

As Always, To Your Health!  

P.S.  I regret to say I could not post a video here as usual do to technical difficulties with YouTube, did anyone else have this same problem today?      

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