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April 30 & May 1, 2o11 Health Tip Of The Day


Rainforest plants are complex chemical storehouses that contain many undiscovered biodynamic compounds with unrealized potential for use in modern medicine. Following are some of the most important healing medicinal plants, as listed in Herbal Secrets of the Rainforest by Leslie Taylor. You can learn more by reading Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise by Chris Kilham, who conducts research on medicinal plants around the world.

Acerola-Contains vitamin C. Promotes a healthy circulatory system.
Boldo-Detoxifies the liver; rids liver of fat. Promotes healthy bile flow.
Cat's Claw-Aids intestinal immune system and chronic arthritis.
Damiana-Used for hormone regulation in men and women.
Guarana-Promotes health and energy.

On a personal note, I can vouch for Boldo, having taken the herb in tea form over the years.

As Always, To Your Health! 

P.S.  I came across this video while searching for more info on rainforest herbs and found this connection with the Royals, Prince Charles, William and Harry, check it out.

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