Thankful Tuesday GOKI Readers, thankful that as I had predicted even prior to filling out a bracket for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the UCONN Huskies would indeed become this years' national champions.
And, yes, I will admit it, the game was Not Perfect, it was Not Pretty, but after a difficult year, I would venture to say similar to a roller coaster ride, from the start of the season not even being ranked, to reaching # 1 early on, only to lose some heart breaking games, to being on the bubble prior to the Big East Tournament, to making an incredible run to win the Big East Tournament, thereby assuring a bye into the Big Dance, to doing what many thought could never happen with such a young team, WIN the National Championship!
So I congratulate you, the UConn Men's Basketball Team and its' Head Coach Jim Calhoun on a tremendous and memorable season!

April 5, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


Because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it can be toxic in larger doses. Toxicity can lead to kidney stones or damage, weakened muscles and bones, excessive bleeding, and other health problems. Levels high enough to cause health complications usually come from supplements, not from food or too much sunlight. If you take a supplement that includes vitamin D, make sure it does not contain more than you need for your age range and gender. Vitamin D has a UL (upper intake level) set a 50 mcg or 2,000 IU per day for children and adults. There is no UL established for infants.

As Always, To Your Health!

P.S.  Here's another informative video concerning this topic.

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