Happy Easter Sunday GOKI Readers, I hope and pray all is well wherever you may be today, and should you be celebrating the religious holiday today, that is truly is a happy, healthy and blessed day for you, your family, and friends!

In celebration of this day, as well as a nod to any readers who may have participated in musical theater, be it high school, college or regional, myself, I was involved both in my sophmore as well as my senior year in high school, "Our Town" (part of the chorus) and in "Godspell" (castmember). One of my fondest memories was in performing the musical of "Godspell" with its' great songs and inspiring message.   

There are so many songs to choose from and I debated between the opening song of "Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord" and the finale, but I chose this song which is within the movie, titled "Bless The Lord". I hope you enjoy it. 

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