Hello GOKI Readers, today I bring you a video concerning the hardship of the real estate market, in a place many go to in hopes of good fortune: Las Vegas.
On a personal note, Las Vegas is one of my most favorite cities to visit, primarily because it is always in motion, there are so many places to visit, you obviously cannot see all the attractions in just the usual weekend to weeklong stay. That is part of its charm, if you want to get away from the usual grind it most definitely be one of my top picks, if not the top choice. Also, this is not because of the gambling, although that is a side benefit, since today so many locations have gambling, from traditional casinos to video slots to race tracks.
With the fact that Las Vegas with its' massive inventory of hotel rooms, its' major market has to be the convention sector. Again with my family, my brother owns a bike shop and attended on more than one occasion the bike convention there with family in tow. And yes, I did say Family, and yes that means with kids!
We actually stayed at CircusCircus, a hotel that I would recommend, especially for families with young kids, it was very enjoyable.
However, getting back to the original topic of the real estate market today and the tremendous amount of properties in financial distress, the description being given is "ghost town".
Personally, although I can understand the feeling behind this assessment, I truly believe that the tide will turn, albeit very slowly, if more and more individuals, possible investors are made aware of the situation. 
With that said, take a moment and view this video and if the opportunity presents itself, take a moment to consider this market as a "new" opportunity to build your portfolio of assets.

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