Mindful Monday GOKI Readers, as we begin another workweek, let me once again express my heartfelt sentiments to all those who are watching the utter devastation befallen Japan due to the massive earthquake, with subsequent tsunami, and now explosion(s) at the nuclear power plant(s). My thoughts and prayers are with you, I realize the road to recovery will be long and hard, but I hope you know that the world is watching and will come to your aid.

March 14 2011, Brain Boost Tip Of the Day

Stay Mentally And Physically Active

In 2005, Ohio State University researchers reported that older people who exercised regularly were more likely to maintain the mental acuity they needed to do everyday tasks like follow a recipe and keep track of the pills they take. Some of the recommended mental activities for older people included crossword puzzles, trivia games, Scrabble, card games, and projects, such as fixing appliances and cooking. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in 2001 investigated the benefits of keeping active both mentally and physically during leisure time to prevent Alzheimer's. A group of inactive adults between twenty and sixty years of age was compared to more active peers. Researchers took into account all variables and still found that the risk of developing Alzheimer's in inactive people was four times that of active people.

On a personal note, as the daughter of a parent with Alzheimer's, I can 100% attest to this information finding. My mother was an active woman for a vast portion of her life, sadly due to other medical ailments that had befallen her over the  years, her physical life was hindered. I see now that the physical activities she did were her form of exercise, and when those activites were no longer being performed, and no other alternative exercise to take it's place, the symtoms associated with the onset of Alzheimer's began to take root.
Therefore, for anyone who has a loved one starting to show signs of this terrible disease, I stress the importance of trying to keep your loved one active as much as possible, because, as we have heard time and time again, when the body is moving, the blood flows throughtout carrying the all important oxygen to all parts of our bodies, thereby keeping us alive and fit.

As always, To Your Health!


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