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May 18, 2011 Brain Boost Tip Of The Day


According To Daniel G. Amen, MD in Making a Good Brain Great, it's far better to learn something new than to repeat the same activities. "The best mental exercise is acquiring new knowledge and doing things that you haven't done before...when the brain does something over and over, even a complicated task, it learns how to do it using less and less energy." Find a hobby that requires coordination between multiple brain regions, such as ballroom dancing, painting, or learning a musical instrument. Knitting, photography, woodworking, gardening, writing poetry, or anything that requires you to study something new will also stimulate your brain. Don't take the easy way out either; pick something that challenges you and then strive to do it well. All of these activities will strengthen and maintain mental acuity on a variety of levels.
As Always, To Your Health!
P.S.  Barring any further technical difficulties my next post will have an example of one of these "hobbies".

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