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Since March 1, 2011 I have been on a mission to share with you a tip a day, in this case, a health tip, provided by my trusty little desk calender titled: 365 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power, written by Carolyn Dean, M.D., Valentine Dmitriev, Ph.D., and Donna Raskin.

May 2, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


There are four major types of fiber, each of which can benefit your body in a special way:
* Cellulose.  This is the most common type of fiber and is found 
 in most fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and some types of nuts.
* Gums. These are sticky fibers derived from plants. They help lower cholesterol and  prevent certain
types of cancer, though researchers are still trying to figure out exactly how they work. Gums are found in oat bran, dried beans, and oatmeal and are commonly used to thicken processed foods.
* Lignin. This fiber acts as a binder for cellulose and is found in certain fruits, nuts, peas, tomatoes, and whole grains.
*Pectin. This gelatinous compound supplements the action of cellulose. Rich sources of pectin include apples, bananas, beets, and a  wide array of citris fruit. 

As Always, To Your Health!

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