Mindful Monday GOKI Readers, and a belated Happy Mother's Day to any of my readers who are presently or soon to become (new) moms, this would include: Moms, Grandmoms, Great-Grandmoms, StepMoms, GodMoms (myself, included - twice over, 1 nephew, 1 niece), Foster Moms, and lastly, not to be considered sexist, Mr. Moms.
Although one day was set aside to remember and give thanks to our respective Moms, the truth is one day should not be the only day we remember; with the fragility of life ever present in the news, we should try our best to let these people know just how much they have inspired us, taught us, raised us, and provided for us; so that one day the cycle would continue for future generations.


May 9, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


Parsley is loaded with compounds that purify your blood and expel toxins from your body. It is also dense in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iodine, iron, and chlorophyll. Actually, parsley has a higher vitamin C content than citrus, and thus an excellent ingredient to battle inflammation. It also contains certain volatile oils that have been shown to inhibit the formation of tumors, particularly in the lungs. Parsley is also rich in flavonoids known for their antioxidant activity and helps to prevent free radical damage to your body's cells. Parsley's dark green color provides needed oxygenating chlorophyll increasing the antioxidant capacity of your blood. The body parts most affected by the properties in parsley are the kidneys, bladder, stomach, liver and gall bladder.

As Always, To Your Health!

P.S.  Take a look at this video about the benefits of parsley.

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