Good Friday GOKI Readers, for all my readers who are of the Christian faith, and who today may have attended church services to commemorate the Liturgy of the Lord's Passion, I wanted to share with you this video of a renditon of the Prayer Of St. Francis, better known as, Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace.

There have been many versions made of this song by various artists, however, I was looking for one with the lyrics added, which, I believe, are so pertinent to the times we are living in now, possibly more than ever before.

Take a moment to contemplate the words as they show on your screen and reflect their significance in your own life; should this at all resonate with you, do share this with your family and friends, even with those you are not so friendly with.
After all, is that not what this day truly means, if we are to call ourselves Christians? 

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