Thoughtful Thursday GOKI Readers, here is another health tip which I hope will help you or someone you know and care about.

April 14 Health Tip Of The Day


Riboflavin plays a key role in releasing energy from the macronutrients to all cells of the body. Riboflavin also helps change the amino acid tryptophan into niacin, another B vitamin. Riboflavin is important in normal growth, production of certain hormones, formation of red blood cells, and in vision and skin health.  A deficiency of riboflavin is unlikely but can cause eye disorders, dry and flaky skin, and burning and dryness of  the mouth and tongue. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) for Vitamin B2 is 1.6 milligrams for men aged twenty-three to fifty, 1.4 milligrams for men fifty
one and older. 1.3 milligrams for women up to age twenty-two, and 1.2 milligrams for women twenty-three and older. There are no reported problems from consuming too much, but again, moderation is the best policy.

As Always, To Your Health!

P.S.  Here's a musical video about this topic.

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