Wise Wednesday GOKI Readers, How is your week progressing? Getting a lot of work done, watching your favorites on DWTS, or did you check out the premiere of "The Voice"? Myself, I missed this new show, although I will probably check it out on Hulu. For those of you who may have watched it, was it any good? Were the singers "better" than on American Idol? Well, if you wish you can share your thoughts on that subject below, but now onto the topic of the day.

April 27, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


Don't ever self-prescribe without a professional diagnosis. Even healthy adults should always consult their physician before taking herbs for medicinal purposes. Never discontinue conventional treatment or use any herbs in conjunction with it without the approval of your medical advisor.

Caution: Although many herbs can safely be given to children, always check with a qualified pediatrician before administering herbal remedies to a child. Ditto for pregnant women-never take herbal preparations without consulting your obstetrician. 

As Always, To Your Health!  

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