Friendly Friday GOKI Readers, so my question to you is: Did you get up early to watch the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, or should I say Catherine, this morning?
 I saw some of the highlights on the news, yes, the bride was lovely, but looking a little too thin in my opinion. Hopefully the media attention will not cause any of the eating disorders that tend to plague celebrities of this status.

April 29, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


Vegetables are tasty and crunchy, they can add color and flavor to meals. Vegetables are naturally low in calories. They have little to no fat, are cholesterol free, and are packed with fiber. Eating a variety of colors and types ensures a better intake of all these nutrients. The Food Guide Pyramid suggests consuming 3-5 servings from the vegetable group each day.

One serving equals: 1/2 cup chopped raw, non-leafy vegetables; 1/2 cup cooked vegetables; 3/4 cup vegetable juice; 1 cup leafy, raw vegetables; one small baked potato (3 ounces); or 1/2 cup cooked legumes (beans, peas, or lentils). 

As Always, To Your Health!

P.S.  Here's a how-to video for all you folks who want to go a step further and not only eat your veggies, but actually grow your own garden.
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