Mindful Monday GOKI Readers, first let me say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of Joplin, Missouri, I, like so many, watched the news today and saw the devastation that remained after the tornado passed through and destroyed the homes and businesses that were in its path. There are no words to say at this moment other than, Keep the Faith, faith in yourself, your family, your neighbors, and if you are a believer, in God, although in times such as these, faith is most definitely tested.

May 23, 2011 Health Tip Of The Day


Although they are not grouped together, the fruit and vegetable groups share a tier on the Food Guide Pyramid. Neither group is more important than the other, so you should eat servings from both groups. Most fruits have no fat, and all are cholesterol free. Fruits are loaded with many essential nutrients that vary among the varieties. Eating different fruits ensures a better intake of all the nutrients that they provide. Try as many colors and types as you can for variety.

The Food Guide Pyramid suggests consuming 2-4 servings of fruit each day. One serving equals: One small to medium fresh fruit; 1/2 cup canned or cut-up fresh fruit; 3/4 cup fruit juice; or 1/4 cup dried fruit.

As Always, To Your Health!


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