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Today's post is an article about the latest craze spreading through the country and of which made the front page of my local newspaper today.
So go ahead and check it out and May The Zanybandz Force Be With You!

Animal Rubber Bands Take America By Storm
Glow in The Dark Animal Rubber Bands and More
Animal rubber bands have official taken over America. Do you remember Cabbage Patch Dolls and Beanie Babies? Kids have gone wild over many trends in the past. The lastest addition to the kid crazes is called Zanybandz. Children of all ages, all over America are going bonkers for them.Zanybandz are attracting kids, teenages and college students everywhere. They are colorful rubber animal bracelets that come in different shapes. With each pack of 24 or more rubber bands costing under five dollars, it is very affordable for parents to allow there kids to collect them all.Zanybandz appeal to both girls and boys. Kids trade them, collect them and wear them, often priding themselves in how many they own.The Zanybandz craze started in Birmingham, Alabama and has spread like wildfire across the United States in short time. Many stores sell out of arriving inventory in less than a day.No worries though, you can always purchase your Zanybandz online at You can even beome a Zanybandz fan on Facebook to keep up with new releases and stores in your area that carry them.These colorful fun shapes are fun to trade, collect or keep. From your favorite dog shape to creepy sea creatures these rubber band bracelets are the hottest thing since the Ipod. Be the first on the block to collect them all.
Clarence FisherNovember 29th , 2009
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